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2018-05-29-Open Letter to Elon Musk: Thank You(致Elon Musk的公开信:谢谢)

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2018-05-29-Open Letter to Elon Musk: Thank You(致Elon Musk的公开信:谢谢)

Open Letter to Elon Musk: Thank You

Dear Elon Musk,

I used to think you were just another one of those out of touch billionaires. There are so many people in America struggling to make ends meet, to survive, and even fighting suicidal tendencies–struggling to find their will to live and here you are talking about Mars and futuristic things that seem too impossible to even comprehend.

Then I discovered for myself that I was so wrong–and so sorry about that. What really got me to actually learning about you was this meme I saw on LinkedIn a few months ago saying “If you were in an elevator with Elon Musk what would your pitch be?”

It lead me to Google you, study you, and eventually follow you on Twitter. And when I saw your interviews, I saw how wrong I was. In one interview, you said you never give up on yourself which really made me reflect on my own failures in life. In all of my ventures, I’ve never had anyone tell me I would fail–which is very rare.

In 2009 I started a nonprofit. It was to raise awareness about homelessness in the USA. I was homeless when I was 9. At the time of founding the nonprofit, the average age of a homeless American was 9 years old. I didn’t think I would fail and neither did the people who believed in me. But I did. It crashed and burned, but while it was high in the sky we actually did what we set out to do: raise awareness by uniting artists of all mediums.

We were the first to bring an international movement to Atlanta, got a spot sponsored for an event at The Masquerade, something I was told was very hard to do but we did it and had a blast just trying to raise awareness from an artistic and musical base. We even had a Grammy winning guitarist behind us (he’s the one who taught me how to wire wrap).

I was so hard on myself over this failure and I didn’t want to try again. My husband said that it doesn’t matter if you fail–just as long as you try and though I understood him, I didn’t believe it. I tried to, but it just wasn’t there.

We opened and closed offices, I managed a gallery in Dallas, TX and my jewelry took off a little bit, but then the mall closed the gallery. We took a chance on a city we didn’t know: Houston. And lost almost everything in Harvey. But we survived. In fact, we were among the lucky ones.

Things happened that landed us back in Atlanta–a city filled with people who will believe in you even though they have no clue who you are. Working and trying to make it, I watched one of your interviews and seeing you talk about your first three launches were failing but you never will give up on yourself just made me realize that my failures were not as big as exploding rockets–but you still kept going.

And that really, really inspired me.

You are reaching for your dreams with everything you’ve got despite how many people are mocking, joking or downright telling you not to do it and that drive is what many people have lost due to some of the severe challenges that they face in life.

Our culture says “You can do whatever you put your mind to” while simultaneously saying “You can, buuuut, don’t. You really can’t and if you do, they will mock you, or you will fail”

And people end up giving up on their dreams, especially when those dreams become opposite of financial stability.

I want you and anyone reading this to know that your words and persistence of never giving up are the match that lit the fire behind Diamonds For Her. It’s a jewelry line I am launching that will help nonprofits that help women in need. The message: Never Give UP On Yourself. I’ve had this idea for about 3 years but never acted on it due to fears of failure.

Hearing you, a super successful person say that you thought you would fail but did it anyway, was inspiring. It doesn’t matter if you fail or not–what matters is that you do it.

In one the interviews I saw you give, it was mentioned that American heroes were against what you are doing with SpaceX. But in all honestly, not every American hero is against you. You never gave up on yourself, and you, sir, are an American hero of this age.

Your message of never giving up may not reach some of the people who need to hear it the most: the vulnerable women and children who have been through the emotional and mental hell that homelessness in America can put on them. They may see you as I did, but what I am doing will help direct that message to them. At least, that is my hope. Thank you, Elon, for staying focused on your dreams no matter what.

Right now, my family and I are in Atlanta. I am working for a pizzeria (and saving to make my dreams come true). If you are ever in the area, I’ll buy you a deep dish as a way of saying thanks for being you. I even jokingly said I’d trade some handmade jewelry for a share of Tesla but in all honestly, I’d rather just give you the jewelry (pass on to your Mom or someone who likes my design style) and buy stock when I can.

I am going to leave you with this quote from musician, Alex Boye from his song, Heart Of A Lion.

“You say you ain’t a hero, but maybe it chose you”


Johnna Sabri

PS: (Added May 2)

2018-05-29-Open Letter to Elon Musk: Thank You(致Elon Musk的公开信:谢谢)
I want to give this to you. It’s a Moldavite wrapped in Copper and a pendant. The reason is because this stone is as unique as you are. Moldavite actually came from space. Scientists are still argueing over it’s origins but all agree it happened about 6 or so million years ago. It has a legend of the Holy Grail associated with it and I think it would be a great visual reminder for you when you face your dark times alone–a reminder that you are doing the right thing. That as long as you remain focused on your dreams, no matter the outcome, you will always be doing the right thing.

Just tell me where to send it (and do it through twitter or IG so I’ll know it’s you and not fake)


致 Elon Musk 的公开信:谢谢


我曾经认为你只是另一个失控的亿万富豪。美国有这么多人为了生存而苦苦挣扎,为了生存,甚至为自杀倾向而奋斗 – 努力寻找自己的生存意愿,在这里你正在谈论火星以及似乎根本无法理解的未来主义事物。

然后我发现自己错了 – 对此很抱歉。真正让我真正了解你的是我在几个月前在 LinkedIn 上看到的这个模因 :“ 如果你在与 Elon Musk 一起的电梯里,你的球场会是什么?”

它引导我到谷歌你,研究你,并最终在 Twitter 上关注你。当我看到你的采访时,我看到了我的错误。在一次采访中,你说过你永远不会放弃自己,这真的让我反思自己在生活中的失败。在我所有的冒险中,我从来没有人告诉过我我会失败 – 这是非常罕见的。

2009 年,我开始了一个非营利组织。这是为了提高对美国无家可归的认识。我 9 岁时无家可归。在建立非营利组织时,无家可归的美国人的平均年龄是 9 岁。我不认为我会失败,信任我的人也不会。但我做到了。它坠毁并烧毁,但在天空高高的时候,我们实际上做了我们想做的事情:通过联合所有媒体的艺术家来提高意识。

我们是第一个把国际运动带到亚特兰大的人,得到了一个在 The Masquerade 举办的活动的赞助商,我被告知很难做,但是我们做到了,并且试图通过艺术和音乐提高意识基础。我们甚至在我们身后有一位格莱美奖的吉他手(他是教我如何绕线的人)。

我对这次失败感到非常辛苦,我不想再试一次。我的丈夫说,如果你失败了,没关系 – 只要你尝试,尽管我明白他,但我不相信。我试过,但它不在那里。


发生的事情让我们回到了亚特兰大 – 一个充满了人的城市,他们会相信你,即使他们不知道你是谁。工作并努力做到这一点,我看了你的一个采访,看到你谈论你的前三次发射失败,但你永远不会放弃自己,只是让我意识到,我的失败并不像爆炸式火箭那么大- 但你仍然继续前进。



我们的文化说:“你可以做任何你想到的事情”,同时说“ 你可以,buuuut,不。你真的不能,如果你这样做,他们会嘲笑你,否则你会失败“


我希望你和任何阅读此文的人都知道,你的言辞和永不放弃的坚持是点燃钻石为她后面的火焰。这是我推出的珠宝产品系列,将帮助那些帮助有需要的女性的非营利组织。信息:永不放弃自己。我已经有了这个想法约 3 年,但从未采取行动,因为担心失败。

听到你,一个超级成功的人说,你认为你会失败,但无论如何,这是鼓舞人心的。无论你是否失败都没关系 – 重要的是你做到了。

在我看到你给予的采访中,有人提到美国英雄们反对你在 SpaceX 上做的事情。但说实话,并不是每个美国英雄都会反对你。你从来没有放弃自己,先生,你是这个时代的美国英雄。

你永不放弃的信息可能不会传达给那些需要听到它的人:那些经历过美国无家可归者能够对他们施加的情感和精神地狱的脆弱的妇女和儿童。他们可能会像我一样看到你,但我正在做的事情将有助于将这些信息传达给他们。至少,这是我的希望。谢谢 Elon,不管发生什么,我都会专注于你的梦想。


我将给你留下这首音乐家 Alex Boye 从他的歌“ 心中的狮子”中的引用。




PS:(5 月 2 日新增)
2018-05-29-Open Letter to Elon Musk: Thank You(致Elon Musk的公开信:谢谢)
我想把这个给你。这是一个用铜和一个吊坠包裹的 Moldavite。原因是因为这块石头和你一样独特。Moldavite 实际上来自太空。科学家们仍然在争论它的起源,但所有人都认同它发生在大约 6 亿年前。它有一个与它相关的圣杯传说,我认为当你单独面对你的黑暗时代时,它会成为一个伟大的视觉提醒 – 这提醒你正在做正确的事情。只要你仍然专注于你的梦想,无论结果如何,你总是会做正确的事情。

只要告诉我在哪里发送它(通过 twitter 或 IG 来完成,所以我会知道它是你而不是假的)

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